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Sociologist, author of several studies and books on minority issues (on ethnic-Germans, -Slovaks, Roma/Gypsies in Hungary, inter-ethnic relations). Content-editor of minority-related books, former content-editor of the Internet-site of the governmental Office for National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary and former special advisor of it.


University degree in Social Sciences, PhD academic degree of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Special exams of employee in public administration. Further, I accomplished a 2 years highschool of Art in 1986 in Kolozsvar, Romania. Since that I realized about 200 oil paintings, and exhibited them, lately in 2007 in Zebegeny, or in 2008 in Budapest.

I have a strong personal minority background.

Career history:

  1. 1966-1986: scientific researcher, doing sociological research (data collection, interviews, conferences, studies, mainly on mass-media, youth) at the Romanian Academy of Sciences, later Centre of Social Sciences, University of Sciences Babes-Bolyai, Kolozsvár.
  2. 1986-1989: researcher on minority issues at the Gorki State Library (at present State Library of Foreign Languages), Budapest.
  3. 1990-1993: I organized and did sociological research on minorities for local government units, like the county Komárom-Esztergom, or the Mayor's Office of Capital City Budapest. The results were published in books and reviews.
  4. 1993-1996: employed in local government (the Mayor's Office in District X. of Budapest), being there the head of the Department for Human Rights and Minorities, later international liaisons officer.
  5. 1996 – 2001 employee of the governmental Office for National and Ethnic Minorities, Budapest, heading the special department for Research, Information, Documentation, Analysis, as special advisor.
  • During all these years I participated at several international conferences, workshops, (i.e. in 1997. at the EC PHARE and CE Minorities in Central and Eastern Europe; Joint conference Slovenia/Brdo), held lectures (i.e. at the East-West Conference in Wolverhampton, 1995., in Maribor/Postarski Dom, 1995.) I have been the Hungarian project-co-ordinator of a long termed ECOS/PHARE INTERREG co-operation between U.K., Spain and Hungary on the topic Multi-Ethnic Living at Local Level”, member in the International Board of conference-organizers. I organized regular workshops on minority issues for Minorities' Self-governments and researchers.
  • Experienced in press relations, I am a member of the Association of Hungarian Journalists, affiliated to the International Federation of Journalists. I developped and set up the website of the Office for National and Ethnic Minorities (http://www.meh.hu/nekh, being the content-editor of it from its start in 1998 until 2001.


As regards my publications see the annexed List of research papers, and the references in:

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Language skills. Good working: English, French, Romanian. Working German (understand it well, speak simply). Limited knowledge of Russian (understand, speak simply). Mother tongue: Hungarian.

Computer skills: good knowledge of and experience in utilizing computers, word processing software, email-system, Internet applications.

2011, Budapest

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